A Leading Producer Of Gold

Since founded in 2005 in Samoa, East Cape Mining Corporation has grown rapidly into a leading global mining company focus on exploration, mining and smelting of gold and base metals with significant gold production, gold development stage properties and exploration properties.

Our main business portfolio are mainly of high-quality gold mining assets, with significant interests in copper cathodes, zinc, iron ore, metallurgical coal, thermal coal and silver deposits, as well as a divestment portfolio of other mining and industrial businesses in both the established and new gold-producing regions of the world.

Headquartered in London, United Kindom with approximately 800 employees worldwide, the company currently has a number of exploration programmes in South Africa and Australia. We plans to continue to build our business through existing operating mine expansions, thoughput increases, development of new mines, the advancement of current exploration properties and also by targeting other gold consolidation opportunities.

We are a world-class business as we bring together an exceptional mix of quality, low-cost resource assets, complemented by a strong management team determined to operate our assets in an efficient manner.

In every location in which we operate, we strive to generate lasting benefits. Today, our commitments to safety, operational excellence and sustainable development are stronger than ever. These commitments support our ambition to become the leading global mining company.


While an IPO is an interesting and lucrative proposal, it s not part of our short term goal. We are currently comfortable as a private corporation because it allows us more room in which to grow and compete. Based in a tax and business friendly offshore jurisdiction, ECMC is better placed and more flexibly able to invest in many onshore operations than its bigger peers. Our short term goal is to grow this corporation into a global industry leader and return good and consistent dividends to Shareholders.

However, going public remains our medium term priority. We foresee ourselves launching a IPO by year 2015 if the environment is conductive. It will be very interesting when this materializez since millions of our private Shareholders will hold public listed shares. CPS will be able to convert their shares into public traded common shares. The shares to which they currently subscribe with ECMC will potentially appreciate several times over after IPO.

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Why Invest In Gold?

Gold is a basic foundation of asset within any long term savings or investment portfolio. For many centuries, especially during times of financial crisis, investors have sought to protect their assets value. As an important wealth preserver, gold's stability remains as compelling as ever for today's investor.

As one of the very few financial assets that do not rely on any issuer's promise to pay, gold offers a widespread of default risk. It also offers investors the best insurance against the extreme movements in the value of other asset classes

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